• 17 Mar 2020
  • OECD, European Union, European Training Foundation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Pages: 520
This report marks the third edition in this series, following assessments in 2012 and 2016. It provides a comprehensive overview of the state of play in the implementation of the ten SBA principles, and monitors progress made since 2016. It also...
  • 23 Nov 2015
  • OECD, European Training Foundation, European Union, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Pages: 360
The SME Policy Index is a benchmarking tool designed for emerging economies to assess SME policy frameworks and monitor progress in policy implementation over time.
Belarus has recently taken a more pro-active approach to supporting private entrepreneurship by promoting its small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The value of private sector participation in the economy is increasingly acknowledged by the ...
BELARUS Amendments to laws on the use of atomic energy (2009) Criminal law on acts concerning the use of radioactive sources and administrative law for non-criminal violations of radiation safety requirements (2009) EGYPT Law on activities in the ...
BELARUS The Statute on the State Supervision in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (2008) Amendment to the Law on Radiation Protection of the Public (2008) Environmental impact assessment laws (2009) The Statute on the Discussion ...
Belarus Act on the Use of Atomic Energy (2008) France Safety guideline on final disposal of radioactive waste in a deep geological repository (2008) Decree concerning the procedures applicable to foreign spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste ...
The structure of revenue sharing between the various layers of governments affects the public sector’s incentives for providing infrastructure for private business development. The recent experience of Belarus has been that any change in local ...
  • 01 Dec 2015
  • International Energy Agency
  • Pages: 476
Conveniently located near the world’s fastest growing energy markets, the resource-rich and transit countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia contribute significantly to world energy security. However, shared challenges across the region...
This chapter summarises the country-specific reports on climate-related development finance for 11 countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA). The full country reports are available on the website of the OECD-hosted GREEN...
  • 30 Sep 2016
  • International Energy Agency
  • Pages: 78
Belarus, like many countries around the world, faces the challenge of diversifying its energy mix and enhancing its energy security while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
While state-owned enterprises continue to be the backbone of the Belarusian economy, the government has paid greater attention to SME development in recent years. Slow but steady progress has been made since 2012 to simplify regulatory procedures,...
This chapter identifies, documents and provides estimates of the various subsidies in Belarus that relate to the production or use of coal, oil and related petroleum products, natural gas, and electricity and heat generated on the basis of these...
According to the National Statistical Committee, the Belarusian SME sector consists of 111 214 legal entities (including SOEs and companies in mixed ownership with fewer than 250 employees), which amounts to 78.3% of total businesses as of January 1 2019.
Article 22 of the Belarusian Constitution states that all citizens are equal before the law. The new Penal Code, adopted in 2002, punishes all violations or limitations on rights and freedoms, as well as all preferential treatment based on race ...
«Индекс экономической политики в сфере МСП: страны Восточного партнерства в 2020 г. Оценка реализации Европейского акта о малом бизнесе» является уникальным инструментом сопоставительной оценки, который позволяет контролировать прогресс разработки и...
  • 12 Dec 1997
  • OECD
  • Pages: 160
Cette étude s'inscrit dans la série d'examens des performances environnementales des Économies en transition. cette série a été entreprise dans le cadre du programme de travail du Centre pour la Coopération avec les Économies en Transition de ...
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