• 10 Dec 2014
  • OECD
  • Pages: 184
OECD's comprehensive review of investment policy in Botswana. After an overview of the country, the review examines investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation as well as infrastructure in Botswana.
Demand for non-renewable natural resources is forecast to rise steadily over the coming decades. Underlying trends of long-term rising demand and falling supply of mineral resources will inevitably increase pressure on prices and intensify...
This publication reviews the quality of Botswana’s legal and regulatory framework for the exchange of information for tax purposes.
This peer review covers Botswana’s implementation of the BEPS Action 5 transparency framework for the year 2018. The report has four parts, each relating to a key part of the ToR. Each part is discussed in turn. A summary of recommendations is...
This report is Botswana’s first annual peer review report. Consistent with the agreed methodology this report covers: (i) the domestic legal and administrative framework, (ii) the exchange of information framework as well as (iii) the appropriate use...
Starting in the late 1990s Botswana has made concerted efforts to attract FDI into export-oriented manufacturing and services, so as to reduce reliance on diamond exports and to diversify its supply-side capacities. Given that indications are that...
Botswana has undertaken significant effort in the field of public governance, and is upheld as a model and benchmark for many developing countries in this regard. To date Botswana has quite successfully avoided the “natural resource curse” at stake...
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